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Those who practice this sport constantly are just a few people, but occasionally there are many who live the adventure of riding.
Escaping from everyday life, where we interact to only by mechanical means, and enter this new world full of sensations, based on respect and friendship with the horses, is very exciting for us, either adults and children. The horses enjoy our company, and if we gain a good feeling with them, even the fear of the first rides will fade away soon.
Lake of Garda is a real natural park, and many stables are located in strategic points away from population centers. Guides will ride with you on trails and dirt roads along the plains, then up through the woods towards the mountain tops. Horses are used to follow the guide along these paths, so your riding will not be so hard and you will be able to enjoy views of the beautiful landscapes throughout your journey.

Riding Schools and Clubs of Lake of Garda:

Trento side of lake:

Arco Centro Ippico San Giorgio - San Giorgio

Tel: (+39) 0464 556942
Arco Club Basso Sarca Cavalli - Via Fornaci, 33

Tel: (+39) 0464 517231
Riva Cavalli e Carrozze - Via Basone loc. Ceole

Tel: (+39) 347 7904556

Brescia side of lake:

Cavalgese della Riviera Centro Ippico Carzago

Tel: (+39) 030 601298
Cavalgese della Riviera Circolo Ippico Gardesano - Loc.Ogaria, 1
Tel: (+39) 030 601517
Desenzano Del Garda Scuderia Gardesana Allevamento Cavalli
Località Pergola Vecchia, 1 Tel: (+39) 030 9110102
Gargnano La Genzianella - Loc. Gaino Tel: (+39) 0365 71133
Gavardo Centro Ippico El Corral - Via Limone, 46

Tel: (+39) 0365 34505
Gavardo Circolo Ippico Benaco - loc. Bocca di Croce, 1

Tel. (+39) 0365 520925

Brescia side of lake:


Riding school in Lonato

Spia d'Italia

Via Cerutti 61- Lonato del Garda
tel. (+39) 347 2584722

Lonato Tippelt Petra Scuola di Equitazione - Via Lavagnone, 2
Tel: (+39) 030 9103330
Lonato Il Podere del Lavagno - Loc. Centenaro via Lavagnone 41a
Tel: (+39) 030 9102139
Polpenazze Circolo Ippico Gilas - Via della Chiesa, 10
Tel: 3385016142
Puegnago La Basia - Via Predefitte,31 Tel: (+39) 0365 555958
San Felice Pony club La Fornella - Via Mazzini,14 Tel: 0365 562200
Soiano del Lago Centro Equestre - Via Monstagol, 13
Tel: 0365 674621
Tignale Centro Ipp. AL Lambic - Via San Zenone, 1
Tel: (+39) 0365 73402
Toscolano-Maderno Scuderia Castello - Via Castello, 10
Tel: (+39) 0365 644101
Tremosine Ranch la Betulla - Loc. Vesio di Tel (+39) 0365 917256

Verona side of lake:

BussolengoCentro Ippico Garda Equestrian Centre -
àPrussiana, 96 - Tel:(+39) 045 7170202

Riding lessons, excursions and horseback riding

Club Ranch Barlot

tel. (+39) 348 7234082

Lessons and horseback riding at Lake Garda

Paradiso Ranch

tel. (+39) 338 3256364

Castelnuovo del Garda Arcese Quarter Horses - Via Renaldo, 8
Tel: (+39)045 6450500
Castelnuovo del Garda Righetti Angelo - Loc.tà Barlottel
Via Porcino
Castelnuovo Del Garda Circolo Ippico Gardesano - Via Paolonga,1
Tel: (+39) 045 7596059
Costermano Centro Ippico Rossar - Via Montarion
Tel: 045 6279020
Ferrara di Montebaldo Genziana srl - Loc. Mezzavilla, 10
Tel: (+39 ) 045 7220366
San Zeno di Montagna Gruppo Equibaldo - Loc. La Pora
Tel: (+39) 045 7285333
Valeggio sul Mincio La staffa - Loc. Ariano
Tel: (+39) 045 7950204

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