Lake of Garda historical sites

Lake of Garda and its surroundings are rich in history. Beautiful castles adorn its coastline and many museums show the story of the ancient lake that was once called Benaco Lake.

Map historic sites of Lake Garda
Stenico castle

Castle of Stenico

Early medieval fortification perched on a rocky hill, which dominates the valley of external Giudicarie from.

Toblino castle

Castle of Toblino

It is one of the most famous castles in Trentino region and owes its fame to its unique location and beautiful surrounding environment.

Arco castle 3 Km. from Lake of Garda

Castle of Arco

Perched on the top of a cliff earlier than 1000, it enjoys a strategic position which makes us able to loook at the Lake of Garda and Sarca valley.

Lake Dwelling Museum in Molina di Ledro

Lake Dwelling Museum

It was born on the Lake of Ledro in the 70's on the background of the ancient lake-dwelling village's and it has a selection of finds that are even 4000 years old.

Vittoriale Italian in Gardone Riviera

Vittoriale degli Italiani

Monumental town with a harmony of buildings, theaters, plazas, streets, gardens, parks and waterways. D'Annunzio adorned the town between 1921 and 1938.

Brescia castle 35Km. from Lake of Garda

Castle of Brescia

Visconti and Serenissima family have been living in this castle. It houses now the Museum of Weapons and the Museum of the Risorgimento.

Historical sites list:

Buonconsiglio castle in Trento

Castle of Buonconsiglio

The oldest part of this castle dates back to 1200 and is the greatest monumental complex of Trentino region. It houses a Historical Museum and several exhibitions.

Beseno castle

Castle of Beseno

Medieval origin castle that had mainly a defensive role for itself, it is the largest fortified complex of Trentino region. Exhibition of weapons XV-XVII century.

Rovereto castle

Castle of Rovereto

FPentagon-shaped and built at the time of Venetian rule (1416-1509), is a historical museum of the war Since 1921.

dinosaur footprints in Lavini di Marco Rovereto

Dinosaur footprints

Paleontological site, with undreds of dinosaur footprints that are imprinted on the Calcari Grigi rising at Lavini di Marco, on the slopes of Zugna Mountain.

Malcesine castle is mirrored in the Lake of Garda

Castle of Malcesine

It is believed that this castle has been built around 500 by the Longobardi people. Enchanting site, it reflects itself in the lake. It houses a Natural Historical Museum.

Avio castle

Castle of Avio

This Castle is yet enjoyable in its structure, with twelfth-century medieval tower, the fourteenth-century palace and its imposing city walls.

Torri castle directly on Lake Garda

Castle of Torri

The west tower could go up to the year 1000 or even to Roman age, while the castle's construction may have been made in 1383 under the rule of the Della Scala Fam.

Arena Verona Roman amphitheater

Arena of Verona

Great Roman amphitheater, built in the first century AD, it has been used for gladiatorial combat and wild animal shows.

Tower of San Martino war memorial

Tower of San Martino

It has been built on the highest hill of San Martino to honor the memory of those who fought for the independence and the unification of Italy.

Castle of Sirmione on the largest peninsula of Lake Garda

Castle of Sirmione

Della Scala family's Castle , built between 1277 - 1278, it is a veritable fortress port which has been restored by the Serenissima Family in 1405.

Grotte di Catullo in Sirmione, ancient ruins of a Roman villa

Caves of Catullo

This impressive archaeological site is considered as the most magnificent example of Roman villa that has been discovered in Northern Italy.

Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia

Santa Giulia Museum

Housed in a monastery with Lombard origin, it provides a journey through history from prehistoric times to today.

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