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What about this sport? Until a few years ago it was considered the elite, while today it is accessible to anyone, and if we look at it better, we can see that it is cheaper than other sports.
The building of golf courses on Lake of Garda, as well as being a factor of attraction for tourism, has certainly not spoiled the environment, but in many cases has reassessed the landscape and has gave birth to genuine protected areas.
Golfers not only get pleasure in hitting the ball trying to roll it to the hole, but they appreciate walking in this sea green and seeing the perfection of the landscapes around, trees and flowers, as if they were admiring some paintings.
Most golf courses are located on the Southern shores of Lake of Garda, in the natural landscape of the moraine hills, which beauty is enhanced by its ups and downs.

Golf Courses, Trento side of lake:

46° Parallelo Golf Club - Loc. Cargadori, 1; Tel: (+39) 0464 507092

Golf Courses, Brescia side of lake:

Toscolano Maderno
Golf Bogliacco - Via del Golf, 21; Tel: (+39) 0365 643006

Soiano del Lago Garda
Garda Golf Country Club - Via Angelo Omodeo, 2; Tel: (+39) 0365 674707

Cunettone di Salò
Golf il Colombaro - Via Colombaro, 1; Tel (+39)0365 5531

Calvagese della Riviera
Arzaga Golf Club - Via arzaga, 1; Tel: (+39) 030 680600

Nigoline di Corte Franca
Franciacorta Golf Club - Via Provinciale, 34/B; Tel: (+39) 030 984167

Chervò Golf San vigilio - Loc. San Vigilio; Tel: (+39) 030 918 01

Golf Courses, Verona side of lake:

Golf Ca' degli Ulivi - Via, Ghiandare, 2; Tel: (+39) 045 6279030

Golf Club Paradiso del Garda; Tel: (+39) 045 6405802

Golf Club Villafranca - Loc. Casella, 32; Tel: (+39) 045 6303341

Golf Club Verona - Loc. Ca' del Sale, 15; Tel: (+39) 045 510 060

Golf Club Colli Berici - Brendola VI; Tel. (+3)9 0444 60 17 80

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