Beach Volleyball at Lake of Garda

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Beach volley became one of the most popular sports during the holidays, almost every beach on the lake has a beach volleyball court, some are a bit moderate, but most of them are well-groomed and professional courts.
In a highly individualistic society like ours, this sport has become an important point for new social contacts. The investment used to build facilities and buy equipment, even if it does not get an immediate payback, must always be encouraged, it is good to always offer a good service to all residents and tourists who choose the Lake of Garda as a holiday destination, because it gives also a priceless "image" to our places that covers all the afforded costs plenty.
Some places on the lake have heavily focused on the tourist attraction of this sport, equipping large areas with multiple approved fields to be able to host competitions and events at all levels. Many towns have granted their own fields of lighting, sea sand and fences, and are committed to ensure a constant maintenance of equipment.

The beach volleyball courts, open to the public, located along the shores of the lake.

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