Canoeing in the Lake of Garda

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As for sports sailing, Garda is also a paradise for those who practice the canoe.
The alternation of bays, beaches and cliffs give a unique panorama to the lake, and sinking the paddle in the water along this coast is no longer a hard work but a pleasure.
In the best times of July and August winds drop of persistence and intensity, giving way to days of calm. Even who is not familiar with the canoe takes advantage of this sport to enjoy the view of the lake from good point of viewing different than the one on the beach.
Just before sunset quietness comes and it is very nice to go out in a canoe, rocked by the waves and enjoying the sun and its light reflected in water, that plays and slowly disappears.
For those who did not have a canoe, most of the main beaches around the lake are equipped for canoe rent.

Rowing Club and canoes Rentals at Lake of Garda

Trento side of lake:

Canottieri Riva - Loc. Sabbioni, Via C.H. von Hartungen, 7
Tel. (+39) 333 9084044
Surfsegnana Porfina Beach - Lungolago dei Pini, 19
Tel: +39 0464 505963

Surfsegnana - Lido di Torbole Foci del Sarca
Tel: +39 0464 505963

Brescia side of lake:

Gardone Riviera
Circolo canottaggio Gabriele D'Annunzio - Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli
Tel. (+39) 0365 20757

Canottieri Garda - Via Canottieri, 1
Tel. (+39) 0365 43245

Verona side of lake:

Canottieri Bardolino - Via Riva Mirabello, 2
Tel. (+39) 0456210868

Associazione Remiera - Via Porta Verona
Tel. (+39) 045 6400391

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