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Adventure, excitement, adrenaline: all this is meant in the word Canyoning, a new sport that is in contact with nature. Indeed, to say it better, it is totally immersed in nature.
It was one of the latest sport arrived on the Garda, but it quickly got popularity and this thanks to the optimal conditions offered by the many streams that flow from the mountains surrounding the lake.
We strongly advise against DIY, especially if you do not know the route you want to go through. Even if you are familiar with this sport and you have all the equipment, we recommend you to join those who are familiar with these areas, or at least to never to go alone.
For those who do not feel as "Indiana Jones" heroes and do not want to take unnecessary risks, there are agencies that organize excursions with specialized and safe guides: these professionals, who in most cases are also mountain guides, will guide you through this adventure without taking any excitement away from you, in fact you can safely do things by yourself that you never even had the courage to do on your own.
All the equipment will be delivered at the meeting point (such as wetsuit, harness, etc..). Then you will take a bus to the mountains. After a walking tour, you will wear the suit and go down like a bullet along the water slides carved into the rock, one after the other, going through tunnels to natural pools where you can catch your breath and then dive with ropes along the waterfalls or perform in high diving (for who is more courageous), and so on until the end of the path.
These streams water is very clean so if you have thirst, do not be afraid of drinking it, since it is included in the excursion's price.

Mountain guides and agencies at Lake of Garda

Canyoning Center Italia - Outdoor Planet - Localita Caorsa, 10
Tel: (+39) 339 5301138


Friends of Arco - Piazza 3 Novembre, 6
Tel: (+39) 0464 532828

Guide Alpine Arco - Via Santa Caterina, 40
Tel: (+39) 0464 507075 - 330 567285

Multisport 3 - Via Pietro Paolo, 5 - Ceniga
Tel: (+39) 0464 543269

Torbole sul Garda :
Canyon Adventures - Via Matteotti, 122
Tel: (+39) 334 8698666

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