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Lake of Garda, with its beautiful mountains, has become one of the most reached places for climbers from around the world and of all skill levels. Countless equipped routes, cliffs, free climbing walls high above the lake and climbing gyms with artificial walls are climbed by a growing number of enthusiasts 12 months a year, whether the hot or cold weather, and each person is willing to sacrifice to deal with themselves and with nature and its hardships.
Every year we try to open new routes, maintain and improve the safety of existing ones, so all this provides a new and greater number of alternatives to those who choose the Lake of Garda as a destination for climbing.
The extreme North of the lake is an excellent area, especially the town of Arco, which houses the world event called Rock Master, as well as Nago and Torbole, with their walls overlooking the lake.
This area is a very active network of alpine schools that offer courses and guided excursions of every kind and degree.

Schools and mountain guides at Lake of Garda:


Arco Climbing - Via Nas
Tel: (+39) 348 7322723

Friends of Arco - Piazza 3 Novembre, 6
Tel: (+39) 0464 532828

Guide Alpine Arco - Via Santa Caterina, 40
Tel: (+39) 0464 507075 - 330 567285

Multi Sport Arrampicata Via Pietro Paolo, 5 - Ceniga
Tel: (+39) 0464 543269

SAT Societa Alpinisti Tridentini - Via S. Anna, 42
Tel: (+39) 0464510351

Riva del Garda
SAT Societa Alpinisti Tridentini - Porta S. Marco

Torbole sul Garda:
Canyoning Adventure Alpine Guide Bar Mecki - Via Matteotti, 5
Tel: (+39) 0464 505406

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