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Where there is a street you can cross it by bicycle too, but in some places such as Lake of Garda streets are different from the usual so cycling on them gives a completely different feeling.
The Gardesana is a beautiful road which skirts the lake and goes through all their countries, and it has its own story. Born to link the territory that before was only partly accessible by boat, Gardesana road has been designed and conceived not to spoil the environment, but rather to enrich it; cypresses, oleanders and many other types of plants have been planted all along the route, as if it were a tree-lined avenue that leads to a mansion.
If we are lucky to go along the Gargnano-Riva del Garda route (which has been defined as "the road in the rock" by many writers) we see that even where the mountain was an obstacle, this road has been able to shape and blend itself into the natural landscape with its coils and galleries. This road section has one of the most beautiful panorama in Europe and was built between 1929 and 1931 on a project made by the Riccardo Cozzaglio engineer, who also commissioned all the planting throughout and had Gabriele D'Annunzio as his patron, who wanted to call it "meander," a Tuscan word that means "tortuous path".
In addition to Gardesana road there are several other scenic roads that climb into the mountains, offering breathtaking views. In low-lying areas of the lake is a vast network of cycling routes that are connecting the various countries with the hinterland, going up to the city of Brescia, Verona and Trento.

Bicycle Rental at Lake Garda

- Surfsegnana Lido di Torbole; tel. (+39) 0464 505963

Cycle lanes on Lake Garda

Start Arival Leng.
01 Riva 02 Arco Km. 5,11
01 Riva 06 Varone Km 1,27
01 Riva 07 Torbole Km. 2,66
02 Arco 03 Dro Km. 3,5
07 Torbole 02 Arco Km. 5,89
03 Dro 04 Pietramurata Km. 7,69
04 Pietramurata 05 Sarche Km. 4,49
08 Nago 09 Mori Km. 7,6
10 Limone 11 Capo Reamol Km. 2,91
12 Malcesine 13 Navene Km. 5,47
14 Gavardo 15 Rezzato Km. 13,21
16 Peschiera 17 Borghetto Km. 12,09
17 Borghetto 18 Soave Km. 19,59

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