Diving on the Lake of Garda

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The depths of the lake are certainly not to be compared with coral reefs, but they can offer nice diving with a chance to visit ancient wrecks and see a great variety of fish, some of which exist only in this basin.

Recommended diving:

Riva del Garda: the statue of Silent Christ (Rai Video), higher than 3 meters, was created by the artist Rivano Germano Alberti and in 1970 it was sunk in the waters in front of San NicolÚ port, to a depth of 18m. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary it has been brought up to get a restoration of the outer surface. The old iron plate, which have been corroded over the years from the shells of the lake, have been replaced with new steel plates, and once the work was completed it has been placed again on its seabed. It is a monument to the memory of those who fell in the sea and it was the second statue in Italy that was placed under the water. Today, as in the past, it continues to be a place of pilgrimage for divers from all over the world.
Lazise: the remains of a 1500' warship that belonged to Serenissima family lie at a depth between 24 and 27m, 500 m far from the modern port of Lazise. In 1962 the historical value of that warship was immediately recognized, therefore excavations began right away and brought to light about 30m of the ship's ribs. The cold dark muddy was determining for the good preservation of the remains.
Malcesine: in Val di Sogno, which is located 100m far from the lakeshore and at a depth of 30m, Delsy (Etos' Video) boat lies in the order of navigation since 1987. This iron cruiser was 16m long, in good condition and it is one of the most beautiful wrecks of Lake of Garda. The reason of its sinking is unknown so far, we only know that the boat was at the buoy. Nearby the wreck there is an ordinance in force prohibiting the diving, but it does not apply to the Desly.

Schools, clubs and diving centers

Trento side of lake of Garda:

- Ale & Dona, Via Sant’Anna, 19; tel. (+39) 347 1250579
- Arco sub, Via Lungo Sarca, 20; tel. (+39) 340 0045651
Riva del Garda
- Gruppo Sommozzatori FIPS, V.le Rovereto, 140;
tel. (+39) 0464 555120

Brescia side of lake:

- Leonessa Diving; Lungolago Via Olcese, 40; tel. (+39) 348 2844565
Desenzano del Garda
- Asso Sub Il Pellicano; tel. (+39) 030 9144449
- My Dive; tel. (+39) 030 9991541
- Tritone Sub; tel. (+39) 030 9120809
Lido di Lonato
- Diving Center 2000 ; tel. (+39) 030 9144821 (courses for disabled)
Scooba School; tel. (+39) 0365 641184
Manerba del Garda
- Sottoquota Diving Club; tel. (+39) 339 4945943
Moniga del Garda
- Sporting Club Porto Moniga; tel. (+39) 0365 502364
Padenghe del Garda
- Soloblu Diving Service; tel. (+39) 030 9900430
- Mark&Chick Scuba School Diveclub & Resort PADI;
tel. (+39) 030 9907283
Salò - Barbarano
- Diving Center Garda Beach; tel. (+39) 0365 20225
- Taras Diving Center; tel. (+39) 0365 20225

Verona side of lake:

- Subacquea Brenzone
- Athos Diving; tel. (+39) 045 6590015
Happy Divers; tel.(+39) 347 3833152
- Club Sub Malcesine; tel. (+39) 045 7400216
Peschiera del Garda
- Sub Club Peschiera Loc. S. Benedetto di Lugana;
tel. (+39) 045 7552707
- Garda Diving Center; tel. (+39) 045 7550544 (courses for disabled)
Torri del Benaco
- Explorer Sub; tel. (+39) 347/8838969
- Torri Sub; tel. (+39) 045 6296740
- New Diving Torri; tel. (+39) 333 9093432

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