Mountain biking at the Lake of Garda

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For some Lake of Garda’s locations (i.e. Torbole, Riva del Garda, Arco, Limone sul Garda, Tremosine, Gargnano and Malcesine) mountain biking has become a real tourist attraction. Towns’ strategic location at the foot of the mountains allows bikers to be able to quickly access paths and trails, reaching peaks that are over 2000 m in height.
The effort in cycling uphill makes the pleasure coming down even more appreciated by those who do this sport, and we recommend them to not miss excursions like the old Ponale Old Ponale road photo gallery, which is considered as one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in Europe. The ban on driving motor vehicles allows bikers to go quietly along the path that overlooks the lake, enjoying the amazing views.
For those bikers who don’t like the ascent and prefer the so-called down-hill, there are shuttle buses that from Torbole bring them to the peaks of Baldo and Tremalzo mountains, where there are 1800m in altitude that will make them go on muletracks formed during the wars (pure adrenaline!). Those muletracks slide down the valley like snakes as if they were looking like the surrounding nature. In addition, the cable car starts from Malcesine and brings passengers and bicycles also on the top of Baldo Mountain.

The major event held each year in the Lake:

Bike Festival. It takes place in Riva of Garda on the first weekend of May and it has a large exhibition area with over 120 booths where leading manufacturers of bicycle components, accessories and clothing show their products to visitors, leaving the opportunity to test the items. There is also a dedicated area to stunt shows and another area for the evening music and pasta.
Organized excursions are available as well, including the classic Bike marathon that goes up and down from the mountains. For those wishing to join this race there is the possibility to choose four kind of trails, which go from 24 to 108 km in length and from 400 to 3600 m in altitude.

Mountain bike rentals of Lake of Garda


  • Bikbike - Via S. Caterina, 9 - Tel: +39 0464 514385
  • Bike Shop Giuliani - Via Bruno Galas, 29/A - Tel: +39 0464 518305


Limone sul Garda:

  • Tombola - Via L. Einaudi, 1/b Tel: +39 0365 954051


  • Furioli G. - Piazza Matteotti, 11 - Tel: +39 045 7400089
  • Xxxxtreme - Via Panzano, 10 Tel: +39 045 7400105

Moniga del Garda:

  • Pollini Rent - Via Pergola Tel: +39 0365 671007

Riva del Garda:

  • Bike Pederzoli - Viale dei Tigli, 24 - Tel: +39 0464 551830
  • Bike Shop Girelli - Viale D. Chiesa, 15/17 - Tel: +39 0464 556602
  • Rosa Bike - Via Dante, 4 - Tel: +39 0464 553498
  • Sailing Du Lac by Surfsegnana - Viale Rovereto, 44 - Tel: +39 0464 552453
  • Surfsegnana Porfina Beach - Lungolago dei Pini, 19 - Tel: +39 0464 505963


  • Cicli Mata - Raffa di Puegnago Via Nazionale, 63 Tel: 0365 554301


  • Hotel Lido Blu - Via del Sarca Vecchio, 39 Tel: +39 0464 505180
  • Carpentari "Bike shop" - Via Matteotti, 16 - Tel: +39 0464 505500
  • Cicli Adami - Via Matteotti, 25b - Tel: +39 0464 505325
  • 3S Bike II Mecki - Via Matteotti, 5 - Tel: +39 347 4713748
  • Surfsegnana - Lido di Torbole Foci del Sarca - Tel: +39 0464 505963


  • Rent scooter,car & Bike, Via Galilei, 1a - tel. +39 0365 641713


  • Rent Bike Point Tremosine - tel. +39 0365 951162
  • Nature Feelings Adventure Camp - Tel: +39 0365 918092

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