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Here is a searching for the mix: sports, nature, climate, leisure and fun, all those things have become decisive for the choice of places where you want to spend weekends and summers off.
The presence of numerous mountains and scenic trails along the shores of Lake of Garda, combined with the travel services that are offered by various towns, make this place a very popular destination for lovers of Nordic walking.
In the Northern area of the lake parks for this sport were recently born, with very well groomed and marked trails that often lead to historic sites and unique natural landscapes.
This walk or ride, combined to the use of natural sticks, allows you to exploit a large number of your muscles, giving you great benefits for your health and especially for your cardiovascular system. The thrust provided by the arms, besides increasing the level of your effort, allows to maintain a good balance in situations of uneven funding (such as mountain trails), along with an upright posture that allows you to drop all the tension from the spine down. It is important to acquire a good technical coordination between arms and legs, posture and breathing, so that your body enters into symbiosis with your mind and can proceed independently, allowing you to achieve a good level of relaxation and enjoy the wonders of the landscape around you.

Schools and trips at Lake of Garda:

Nordic Walking Arco Park:
15 routes of varying difficulty, for a total of 100 km.

Friends of Arco - Piazza 3 Novembre, 6 - Arco
Tel: (+39) 0464 532828
Malcesine Bongio Adventure, Piazza Cavour, 11 - Malcesine
Tel (+39) 045 6570660

Riva del Garda
Associazione Nordic Walking Italia - Riva del Garda
Tel: (+39) 0464 550374

Tremosine born Cult Walking (Nordic Walking with culture). Guided walks through the Towns and the paths that tell the history of this area. One example is that of "Brasa Valley", where you can see the old forges, tanneries and mills (one was converted into a museum).

Cult Walking Center - Via Mulino, 9 Loc. Brasa, Tremosine
Tel: (+39) 339 1836898

Sky Climber - Via Dalco, 3 - Tremosine
Tel (+39) 335 293237

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