Water skiing and Wakeboarding on the Lake of Garda

Photo Wakeboarding on the Lake of Garda

As well as alpine skiing has seen snowboarding sport growing up, water skiing is going through the same stages with the wakeboard.
This "younger brother" sport makes this sport to become very interesting lately. The feeling of surfing, the ability to make moves, jumps and stunts are very exciting things for young people.
A large number of fans and tourists attend to the spectacular races and events for this sport that are held each year around Lake of Garda.
The intense competition of wakeboarding has been a stimulus for the traditional water skiing that, following the example of alpine skiing, has evolved in shape and size. The various changes made and the introduction rigid links use have allowed to achieve greater maneuverability and easier use.
With its stunning views, Lake of Garda is a great place for driving practice, almost every village has its own port where you can rent boats and equipment.
The towing service is fully complete only in certain ports though.

Things you should not forget:
- In the Trentina' side of Lake of Garda there is a ban for motor boats.
- On the whole lake everybody must wear a life jacket.

Schools and clubs of water skiing and wakeboarding at Lake of Garda

Brescia side of lake:

Gardone Riviera
Consolini Boat Service, Lungolago D'Annunzio
Tel: (+39) 337441805

A.S.D. Italian Wakeboard Club, Via Marconi, 57
Tel: (+39) 0365/20196

A.S.D. Wakerboard Clud Yoshi, West Garda Marina
Tel: (+39) 335/257888

Verona side of lake:

A.S.D .Water ski Center Garda, Campeggio Serenella
Tel: (+39) 045-7211333

Tel: (+39) 3482619383

ASD Gardawake,Camping Du Parc
Tel: (+39) 349 4076004

Wakeland Pacengo
Tel: (+39) 329 1864361

Teleski Sport & Fun
Tel:(+39) 348 8702112

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