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Thanks to Aeolus, the wind blows very often around the lake.
His worthy son "Peler" brushes the water from the sunrise until lunch time, going South, and Ora wind, which is its quieter sister, wakes up early in the afternoon, blowing in a northerly direction until sunset is close to come.
In special occasions, such as summer storms, these two winds are enhanced with a rush and unleash all their strength on the lake, raising waves and spraying the crests. Once the storm is gone, a unique opportunity for skillful windsurfers and kite comes up to fight the forces of nature. In the North of the lake two winds have found their ideal amphitheater for performing theirself. Longitudinal rock walls are able to enhance and accelerate those winds' speed. Since both of them have a thermal origin, they are stronger and more consistent during spring, early summer, late summer and autumn, where the increased temperature difference between day and night increases the winds' temperature.
It used to be an unchallenged Paradise for windsurfing until a few years ago. Now it is becoming a very popular even for kite surfers.

Here are 4 tips for those who in not so familiar with Lake of Garda:

1) Everywhere around on the lake exists a rule for navigation that also establishes the priorities, but not everybody is aware of that, so please be careful.
2) Before starting any board activity, please take a look at the lake overview in order for you to locate any other means of transport, such as hydrofoils, ferries or boats, so you can avoid to find them behind your back and falling along their routes.
3) When a storm is coming, please avoid entering the water, because the lake and wind's conditions may change very quickly.
4) Never think that "somewhere, somehow, we can always can get to the lakeshore". Always ask for information and suggestions to local services or surfers, who know the situation.saluto shaka brah

Enjoy your surfing, and may Aeolus be with you!.

Lake Garda Winds


Map wind Peler

Recommended Spots:

Malcesine (bus parking) Tignale (Pra della Fam) und Limone sul Garda (Capo Reamol)

nach Stürmene:

Malcesine (Campagnola) und Toscolano Maderno (Cartiera)


Map wind Ora

Recommended Spots:

Riva del Garda (Pier) Torbole (Conca d'Oro) Malcesine (Navene)

Schools and rentals Windsurf at Lake Garda

Campione di Tremosine




  • Gardasurf and Sail; tel. (+39) 338-3388817
  • HP Sports; tel. (+39) 045 7430707

Limone sul Garda

  • Windsurfing Lino; tel. (+39) 338 4097490
  • Windcenter Capo Reamol; t. (+39) 0365954040


  • Nany's Aqva Center; tel. (+39) 347 2235435
  • Stickl Sportcamp; tel. (+39) 045 7401697
  • Sunrise Windsurfing; tel. (+39) 1714108544
  • Wind Surf Bay; tel. (+39) 045 7400311
  • WWWind Square; tel. (+39) 045 7400413

Moniga del Garda

  • Centro Surf e Canoe; tel. (+39) 0365 502364

Padenghe sul Garda

  • Sporting Club Basso Garda; 39 030 9907672

Riva del Garda

  • Alessandro Tomasi; tel. (+39) 340 9874829
  • Nautic Club Riva Surf; tel. (+39) 0464 552453
  • Surfsegnana - Sailing du Lac; tel. (+39) 0464 552453


  • Surf Center Lido Blu - tel. (+39) 0464 506349
  • Vasco Renna; tel. (+39) 0464 505993
  • Circolo Surf Torbole; tel. (+39) 0464 505385
  • Shaka Surf Center; tel. (+39) 0464 506347
  • Surfsegnana - Lido di Torbole; tel. (+39) 0464 505963


  • Jean P. Ruegsegger; tel. (+39) 045 7225215


  • Centro Surf Martini Sport; t. (+39) 030 916208
  • La Planet; tel.(+39) 338 6243650

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