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Nago panoramic view from above
Nago the forts Austro-Hungarian
Nago the church of Santissima Trinità
Nago the old town
Nago the center of the town
Nago the road Gardesana
Nago le Marmitte of the Giants
Nago the ruins of Castle Penede
Nago the old road to the lake
Nago cycling the streets
Nago the historic streets

Its raised position above the lake make this town a scenic overlook of Lake of Garda.
Poets like Dante and Goethe spent hours sitting near the ruins of Castel Penede, delighting their self of the wonderful view.
The presence of these ruins (1212), and the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1859 testify to the strategic importance of this place during the history. Considering also the fact that this village is situated on the main crossing point of access to the North of the lake, anyone who ruled in Nago would dominate the entire valley of the Sarca.
For those who will travel or reside in this area we recommend them a stop at the famous Marmitte of Giganti, which are glacial wells and are located very close to the highway that goes from nago to Torbole, on the rock spur between the Sarca River and the fort.
Lovers of rock climbing, mountain biking and trekking will find an excellent place for all types of travel in the mountains that surround this will place. To get to the beaches which are about 1.5 Km far, you can walk or bike the old road with no traffic, which from low forte leads to Vittorio Veneto of Torbole square, and then from there it goes to the beach.

Things to see in Nago:

The Austria-Hungarian fortresses, the Marmitte of Giganti, the ruins of the castle Penede, the church of S. Vigilio and the church Santissima Trinita.

Events of Nago:

Carnival of Nago.
February: Sbigolada Naghese distribution of pasta and wine.
April-June: Landscapes of war, exhibition.
May: Feast of the trees.
June: En torno al campanil de S. Vigili Tourist Village Festival.
All year: the Community House: theatrical performances and various exhibitions.

Sports practiced in Nago:

mountain biking, cycling, climbing, trekking, north walking.

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